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This was a good one! This was a super quick, but major renovation.  We gutted two bathrooms and a kitchen, reworked stairs, took out walls, added supports, added doors, replaced doors and basically gave much of the home's interior a big ol' face lift.  

We started with a layout that was pretty cut up and just did not flow as it should.  A kitchen that was cut off from the dining room, which was cut off from the family room and just a lot of spaces that were being sold short on their potential.  

Our goal was to create a very functional, useable floorplan for an active family of 4.  With two young kids and mom who killed it in the kitchen, it was important to give them workspace for both cooking and homework. We needed ample counter space, storage, access to dining area and livable space that was close enough to mom that helping with homework, while cooking (and drinking wine), was seamless.


Our client liked color so we brought in some bolder colors in some of the hard surfaces.  To ensure that they wouldn't grow tired of it we tried to offset some of the bold colors with softer, more neutral materials and palettes.  The balance of the two brought in a lot of depth without being overbearing.


Full Scale Renovation


Seal Beach


November 2020

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