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This was our client's makeshift playroom/guest room.  It was one of those rooms that had just sort of evolved into these two things but had never formally been designed for either.  Our goal here was to take this space and make it official.  The room needed to be functional for the kids' everyday play and comfy for the occasional sleep over.  Priority number one was play.  With a little Lego guru on our hands it was important we incorporate a building surface for him.  A space where he could not only build, but also display his daily creations.  This table in turn could also accommodate homework and snack time or a place for guests to toss their belongings.  A sleeper sofa, in a charcoal indoor/outdoor fabric grounded the room and added a cozy place to hang and watch tv or if needed, sleep for the night. We wanted to keep this room soft, playful and a comfortable space for kids and adults alike.  We kept a fairly neutral palette, allowing the kids' artwork to be the pop of color the room called for.


Room Revamp


Newport Beach


March 2019

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