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Our clients purchased a true mid century beauty and saw the potential this home had. It had aged over several years and had a bit of a misfortunate flip right before their purchase.  Lucky for us, our clients were committed to restoring the mid century bones of this home and it made for a really fun project. The goal here was funky and authentic! 


With an almost 1,000 square foot master addition this home gained not only square footage, but also a mid century sense of charm that had previously been masked.   Given that some of the home had been recently remodeled, we had the challenge of adding new while also working around/within the existing.  Simple tweaks here and there helped take away some of the "flip" feeling and add back that Palm Springs vibe we all hoped for.  

As a family home, we also searched for ways to bring warmth within this more modern space.  Pops of color, fun patterns and natural woods helped do just that. 

We kept the primary materials neutral and added elements of funk in smaller, but bold, doses.  Our favorite "dose" was the original front doors that we restored and brought back to life and then painted the most PERFECT shade of mustard!  In fact, those doors, in our opinion, make the entire home!

*Professional photos to come!


Full Scale Renovation + Addition

Eddie Kesky General Contractor


Seal Beach


October 2020

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