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This was a ground up, 3500 square foot home, that had "modern farmhouse" written all over it.  As the project evolved we focused on achieving that look, while simultaneously preventing it from being overly trendy or predictable.  We were striving for a timeless home that could grow with the family over several years.

A busy family of 5 were moving in so keeping the home practical, as well as sophisticated, was also a common denominator throughout the build. Durability and functionality went hand and hand with what also looked pretty and cool :) 

We focused on a neutral palette throughout and brought in interest with texture and contrast.  Little playful moments were incorporated in the kids' space and some organic textures were brought in to soften some of the rigidity of the harder, more modern materials.  The juxtaposition of clean and organic materials and architecture is what really sealed the deal on this home and allowed it to come to life just the way we all envisioned.

Stay tuned for more photographs of this home furnished!


Ground Up Single Family Residence

DLC Builders


Seal Beach


January 2020

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